Chia Room 1 – 2

with Plenary Session on Saturday (June 10, 2023)


15.15 - 16.00 | Practical Aspects of Smile Planning: Tooth color, Shape and Characterization

Margarida Henrique

Today more and more patients seek aesthetic dental treatments. As dental professionals, we should be able to treat them in order to restore not only their esthetics, but also their biology, structure and function, giving them a natural restoration of their smile. For that to be accomplished, an extensive documentation with photos and videos and a careful treatment plan is fundamental before starting the treatment. We need to consider several parameters, such as morphological characteristics of each individual tooth (anterior tooth basic anatomy), their alignment and position in the arch, their color and intra-oral criteria that define an esthetic smile composition, such as: midline line, smile line, incisors proportion and dominance, axial inclination of anterior teeth, vestibular axial inclination of posterior teeth, size of the contact areas, cervical and incisal embrasures, and gingival architecture.

16.00 - 16.30 | Immediate implantology: innovative therapies for long-term success

Alfonso Coscarella

From scientific studies developed in recent years, the immediate implants success has been confirmed in selected cases.  The use of this method implies a lower emotional impact, a single surgery and often better healing for the patient.  Atraumatic extraction methods of dental elements will be discussed, ideal insertion of implants with or without bone regeneration with bone substitutes and possibly barriers and the possibility of combining an advanced method such as that of post-extraction implantology with the possibility of performing a immediate load to restore aesthetics in more complex cases and the advantages deriving from an immediate approach compared to a deferred approach.


  • Scientific background
  • Maintenance of bone volume
  • Immediate implants


Roberto Barone, Carlo Clauser

At one time, the most complex cases of oral surgery were treated in the hospital. In recent decades, a series of innovations concerning the operating technique and surgical instruments have led to the development of a new method which allows us to face surgery in complete safety complex oral.

A better understanding of surgical pathologies, together with new techniques operative, allows today to treat teeth in deep bone inclusion and extensive cystic lesions, reducing the risk, difficulty and discomfort, even  when it comes to a child.

The development of new treatment plans rationales has also made it possible to obtain a considerable reduction in times operational.

17.45 - 19.35 | Orthodontics in combianation with other specialties: a simple approach for excellent multi-disiplinary outcomes.

Nicola Derton, Fabio Giuntoli, Arturo Imbelloni, Cesare Luzi

The synergy between Orthodontics and the other Dental Specialties allows today to achieve excellent results with simplified protocols. The solution of the age-old problem of transposed teeth, the Tads supported mechanics for pre-prosthetic uprighting and molar intrusion, and the proper techniques developed to condition and remodel the periodontal tissues for restorative objectives, rapresent nowsaday the many possibilities with witch the Orthodontist can simplify the work of general Dentist to reach better Implant – Prosthetic goals from both, functional and aesthetic point of view.

17.45 - 18.45 | Ortho-perio-prosthetic synergies in the management of compromised teeth

Cesare Luzi, Arturo Imbelloni

18.45 - 19.10 | Simple skeletal supported orthodontic mechanics for impacted molars and canines, pre-prosthetic uprighting and intrusion of the molars

Nicola Derton

19.10 - 19.35 | Transposed teeth: the world War? Simple approaches to complex situations

Fabio Giuntoli


12° Congresso Internazionale e 23° Meeting sardo dal titolo "Focus on the Simplicity of Excellence"


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