Chia Room 1 – 2

with Plenary Session on Saturday (June 12, 2021)


15.15 - 16.00 | Be dynamic!! Innovative way to place Zygoma implants!!

Ashwini Bhaleraoa

Rehabilitation of the severely atrophic maxilla with implant born prothesis is challenging. The deficient bony foundation has been addressed with various types of graft materials. Nevertheless, these are associated with infection, resorption and morbidities of the bone harvesting sites. The application of zygomatic implants provides a reliable approach for maxillary rehabilitation which eliminates the limitations of the grafting procedures.

Placement of zygomatic implants is a predictable technique which allows immediate loading due to its stability in the buttress of zygoma at the time of insertion.

The standard surgical approach for the placement of zygomatic implants requires a full mucoperiosteal flap to identifying the anatomical landmarks to guide the surgical procedure. Therefore, the procedure is usually carried out under general anesthesia using 3D printed splint  to guide the placement of the implant.

In attempt to improve surgical precision, Dynamic navigation has been recently used to guide the placement of dental implants.

Based on the ongoing collaboration between Saveetha Dental College, Chennai, India, and the University of Glasgow, UK, we designed, conducted a prospective randomized clinical study to investigate the flapless placement of zygomatic implants under local anesthesia. The accuracy of the 3D position of the implants was assessed, surgical and postoperative complications were evaluated.

The presentation will highlight the advantages of dynamic navigation for placing zygomatic implants under local anesthesia, technical challenges and preliminary findings.

16.00 - 16.30 | Immediate implantology: innovative therapies for long-term success

Alfonso Coscarella


Roberto Barone, Carlo Clauser

At one time, the most complex cases of oral surgery were treated in the hospital. In recent decades, a series of innovations concerning the operating technique and surgical instruments have led to the development of a new method which allows us to face surgery in complete safety complex oral.

A better understanding of surgical pathologies, together with new techniques operative, allows today to treat teeth in deep bone inclusion and extensive cystic lesions, reducing the risk, difficulty and discomfort, even  when it comes to a child.

The development of new treatment plans rationales has also made it possible to obtain a considerable reduction in times operational.

17.45 - 18.45 | Ortho-perio-prosthetic synergies in the management of compromised teeth

Cesare Luzi, Arturo Imbelloni

18.45 - 19.10 | Simple skeletal supported orthodontic mechanics for impacted molars and canines, pre-prosthetic uprighting and intrusion of the molars

Nicola Derton

19.10 - 19.35 | Transposed teeth: the world War? Simple approaches to complex situations

Fabio Giuntoli


12° Congresso Internazionale e 23° Meeting sardo dal titolo "Focus on the Simplicity of Excellence"


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