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Renato Cocconi

A complete diagnosis of our patient is the premise of a satisfactory orthodontic treatment, both for the patient and for the Orthodontist. We need a coherent correlations between the problem list and the means that we will apply. Starting with the end in mind will allow us to effectively reach our goals with the most efficient path. Pre visualization and customization of the treatment can be effectively produced by digital technology applying a proper hierarchy of decisions. This is mandatory especially in complex cases or in interdisciplinary cases. The clinical know how needs to be organized in a logical strategy, a step by step algorithm.

9.00 - 10.30 | Prosthetically guided orthodontic strategies

Cesare Luzi

More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment. Some of them present malocclusions with healthy dentitions, and can be treated by orthodontics alone. Others are referred from the general practitioner to the orthodontic specialist for interdisciplinary care. For this second group, orthodontics should be interpreted as a tool able to enhance the quality of the overall treatment plan. Orthodontic treatment allows to reach higher standards of results thanks to the improvement of the condition of the periodontal tissues and the possibility of using less destructive restorative procedures. By aligning and leveling the arches, repositioning the periodontal tissues, distributing the spaces through tooth movement, the orthodontist facilitates the work of the prosthodontist and the implantologist, in order to realize a better rehabilitation, both from a functional and an esthetic perspective. The presentation will highlight interdisciplinary strategies set up to enhance the best possible outcome.

10.30 - 11.15 | Orthodontic treatment in the presence of an advanced periodontal disease - Minimizing the risks

Tali Chackartchi

Orthodontic tooth movement is frequent in children and young adults.
In recent years we witness a raising number in adult patients seeking dental care and periodontal treatment for esthetic reasons. Among which, patients with an advanced periodontal disease who might present a pathological tooth movement secondary to inflammation and bone loss.
It is an undisputable fact that sound periodontal health is a prerequisite for successful orthodontic therapy, orthodontic treatment must be performed under stable and sound periodontal health alongside a strict hygiene regimen, otherwise a fast-periodontal breakdown will be provoked.
This lecture will enlighten the population in risk for periodontal deterioration during orthodontic treatment, the biological limitation and clinical risks when considering orthodontic treatment in the periodontally compromised patient. While proposing work protocols for successful multidisciplinary treatment with biologically stable outcome.

11.45 - 12.00 | Why clear aligners is the preferred treatment modality to move teeth in Perio-Ortho patients?

Rafi Romano

Clear aligners have been used in Orthodontics for the past two decades; however, they were not considered as an adequate alternative to buccal or lingual braces.
Recent technology and improvements implemented in clear aligners enable clinicians to plan, predict, follow-up and modify the treatment as needed, with digital, virtual and remote tools. The lecture will give a broad review including relevant evidence-based literature, and numerous case presentations with clear aligners from simple to complex cases where an interdisciplinary team approach was needed.

12.00 - 12.45 | Management of the edentulous space in bracketless fixed lingual orthodontics

Anna Mariniello

During an orthodontic therapy sometimes it is necessary the management of the edentulous spaces due to extractive treatments or to dental agenesis, when you need to create the place to insert the missing teeth.

Most patients, especially those who have high needs of aesthetic and confort, are usually afraid to show an imperfect smile with an “empty spot”.

The author will introduce some cases that need the management of temporary resin crowns in order to correct the class relationship, impacted teeth, open bites, dental agenesis.
All cases are treated with bracketless invisible therapy.

12.45 - 13.30 | Functional redesign of clear aligners: the OP-System

Simona Bossu


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