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Hands-on courses at the AIO International Congress in Chia: where the experts share their secrets

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The 12th International Congress of the Italian Dental Association will host six hands-on courses with master clinicians with courses on Thursday, June 8th dedicated to surgery, endodontics, digital dentistry and bone augmentation and Friday June 9th devoted to Style Italiano and flap passivation.

Surgery – Thursday June 8th, from 9 am – 1 pm, Raquel Zita Gomes from Portugal, guest author of the book “Power of Doctor” by Bak Nguyen, 2020, will present the hand-on “Sinus Lift and Filling” masterclass in maxillary sinus lift and filling techniques. The first hour and a half will be a theoretical introduction on techniques (including the open lateral window), indications, contraindications, drug therapy and complications followed by 30 minutes of discussion and succeeded by a 2-hour practical part on sinus lift and filling techniques (closed and open lateral wall techniques) using plastic models. Sponsored by Osteobiol by Tecnoss, the course is limited to 20 participants and to date only 5 places remain available.

raquel zita

Endodontics – The first course in the afternoon will be a sequel to the Endodontic Session (accredited with 9 ECM credits) and will be held by Gianluca Plotino, Associate Editor of the Italian Journal of Endodontics along with Nicola Marie Grande, peer reviewer for many of the most circulated endodontic journals and President of the Italian Academy of Endodontics (AIE). The hands-on course, “How to Integrate Different Endodontic Instruments to Address any Type of Root Canal Anatomy”, will analyze procedures for managing root canals with varying levels of difficulty and will cover standard clinical techniques and instruments to guarantee predictable results. Participants will try the different instruments and will learn to perform the correct clinical technique on resin blocks and teeth. It is suggested that participants also bring disinfected natural teeth with the access cavity already opened and the canals negotiated with a size 10 hand file. It is recommended to wear magnifying glasses. Places for the course are still available.


Bone Augmentation – The second course of the afternoon will be conducted by Roberto Rossi, vice president of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (IAED) and will explore the “Flex® Cortical Sheet: The Use of Cortical Bone Plates to Simplify GBR”: The course is limited to 20 participants. Participation in the course is 350 euros must be requested directly from the organizers, Bioactiva srl, tel 0444 963261 Email: marketing@bioactiva.it.
Download the flyer: click here


Digital Dentistry – Also held On Thursday afternoon, the brothers Andrea and Alessandro Agnini, founders of DDR Education and authors of the books “The digital revolution, the learning curve” and “The Digital Revolution 2.0” published by Quintessence in 2014 and in 2022 will once again return to Chia. Together they will discuss “The Full Digital Connection” by explaining how the integration of digitalization into implantology, in every stage of the clinical workflow, can improve the patient experience by delivering quality and predictable dentistry. Clinical cases will be analyzed, highlighting operational differences and the contribution that digitalization can provide with the development of new materials and software.


Style Italiano: Speak with Speakers Session – Friday June 9th from 3-6 pm, following the Style Italiano, course leaders will divide the group of 80 participants into four smaller groups of 20 participants. Participants will be able to discuss learn, speak & share directly with the Style Italiano course leaders while they discuss and provide live demos on a rotational basis. In Group 1, Daniele Rondoni, will discuss “Taking Color with Optishade” teaching how to use Optishade to control the “dark tooth” appearance with ceramics, disilicates, zirconias and composites. In Group 2, Jordi Manauta and Perrine Barlard will discuss “Closing the Diastema” and how to use composite to modify conoid teeth, close black triangles, with both the restorative dentist and periodontist joining forces in a minimally invasive procedure. In Group 3, Sara Laface and Katherine Losada will talk about “Bleaching and Prevention” and sharing an easy whitening technique. In Group 4 “Learn to Change the Smile and the Vertical Dimension”, Stefen Koubi and Margarida Henrique, specialists in esthetics and oral rehabilitation share their secrets on how to “Learn to Change the VDO at Home” to create a new smile and increase the vertical dimension in a minimally invasive way.


Flap Passivation – The workshop conducted by Silvio Meloni and Milena Pisano, associate professors at the University of Sassari, Italy, will explain step by step how peri-implant soft tissue management in surgery is the key to long-term success. Supported by 3P Smart Devices, the workshop is organized with a theoretical part consisting in a detailed discussion of clinical cases, the treatment plan, along with step-by-step videos and the hands-on use of pig jaws to practice the learned surgical techniques.


All this and more at the Italian Dental Association International Congress, “Focus on the Simplicity of Excellence” held from 8-10 June 2023 at the 5 star Hilton Chia Laguna Village and Resort Hotel at Chia, Sardegna Italy.

To register for the Congress, visit the website https://congressaio.it/en/

For accommodations we recommend direct booking using the link https://congressaio.it/en/chia-laguna

Both group and private airport transfers to and from the Chia Laguna Hotel Village and Resort can be booked at transfer@amors.it or by calling 0039 328 225 1564.



Written by: Ethel Trabucco

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