How to release vestibular and lingual flaps

Chia Room 3

How to manage soft tissue around implants. Different techniques and approaches in aesthetic and not aesthetic areas. Hands on pig jaws and surgical videos step by step.

Aim and workshop

Attending this course enables you to gain the following skills:

  • Identifying the most suitable treatment for each patient
  • How to design a flap.
  • How to elevate a split thickness flap
  • How to harvest a connective tissue graft or a gengival graft
  • How to manage a bilaminar connective tissue graft
  • How to manage a gengival
  • How to manage apical repositioned flaps
  • How to manage the strip technique
  • How to to manage aesthetic cases
  • Howe to manage extreme atrophic cases


Scheduled timing

  • Theory: the correct choice in term the correct soft tissue management technique
  • Practical section : Surgical videos in details step by step. How to perform every single technique
  • Hands on pig jaws : Surgical techniques step by step


12° Congresso Internazionale e 23° Meeting sardo dal titolo "Focus on the Simplicity of Excellence"

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