How to integrate different endodontic files to face every root canal anatomy

Spartivento Room 1

14.30 - 18.30

The present workshop will analyze the different possible clinical scenarios: first we will consider the 80-85% of the root canals in primary treatments, that may be defined as standard cases, and may be easily shapedith a single-file basic preparation technique using only one reciprocating heat-treaded instrument; then it will be described how to clinically deal in a predictable, safe and efficient way the remaining 15-20% of the canals, that may be defined as complex, using different instruments, each one for every specific clinical situation. In fact, the use of a small reciprocating glide path file and the possibility to hybridize the techniques with rotary files will also be described to solve those clinical cases with the most complex and particular root canal anatomies and achieve a minimally invasive root canal preparation.

During the workshop, the clinical procedures for managing root canals with different difficulties will be clearly explained and showed live on resin teeth to present the standard clinical techniques and the use of different files to simplify these procedures and ensure more predictable, gold standard endodontic treatments.

Participants will then try the different files and perform the proper clinical technique on resin blocks and resin teeth. For this latter purpose, participants are strongly encouraged to bring disinfected natural teeth where the open access cavity has already been performed and canals have been negotiated with a size 10 stainless-steel hand file. It is recommended that participants bring their own loupes to get a more realistic overview on the use of the different endodontic instruments.




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