Smile of the Year International Dental Contest 2023


16th edition of the dental competition will award dental professionals from all over the world in May 2023.

by Dental Tribune Bulgaria

Dentists have the power to change lives through treatments. In order to raise awareness and focus attention on the dental profession, Dental Tribune Bulgaria created a competition, called Smile of the Year, 16 years ago. Since 2020 the contest is international, so dentists from all over the world are allowed to participate. There are 18 categories and the jury, which is made up of world renowned specialists in different dentistry fields, evaluates the cases online and in total anonymity. In 2023 the 16th annual event will take place in the second half of May.   

Dentists, dental technicians and dental students from all over the world are allowed to take part in the contest. Registration is open until March 1st, after which the jury will evaluate anonymously all participants and their clinical cases. Dental students are allowed to participate in the contest for free in a separate category – Student case.

The winners in the competition – a measure of quality and perfectionism in the dental profession – will be awarded during glamorous ceremony, which will be held on May 18th in Sofia, Bulgaria. 18 dental professionals or teams will take away the symbol of professional distinction – trophies that will decorate their dental clinics and dental laboratories.

1st place winners will receive a trophy, certificate and material prizes, provided by the partners of the contest. 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive honorary diplomas.

Those, who won’t be able to attend the in-person event, will have the chance to watch the live online streaming in the evening of May 18th, 7:30 pm EEST on Dental Tribune’s YouTube channel.

Members of the jury are world renowned experts in different dental specialities: Dr Rafael Romano, Israel, Dr Siegfried Marquardt, Germany, Dr Giulio Rasperini, Italy; Dr Walter Devoto, Italy, Dr Mirela Feraru, Romania, Dr Garry Glasman, Canada, Dr. Maurizio de Francesco, DT Milos Miladinov, Romania and Ciprian Boca, Romania.

The 2023 edition of the competition will present 18 categories:

  1. Complex Esthetic Restoration
  2. Composite Single unit Restorations
  3. Restorative Composite Smile Makeover
  4. Ceramic Single Unit Restoration
  5. Restorative Ceramic Smile Makeover
  6. Pink Esthetics
  7. Orthodontics Adult Fixed
  8. Orthodontics Child/Teenager Fixed
  9. Orthodontics with Aligner for Adults
  10. Orthodontics with Aligner for Children/Teenagers
  11. Implants Multiple
  12. Implant Single Tooth
  13. Endodontic Treatment
  14. Endodontic Retreatment
  15. Micro-Surgical Endodontics
  16. Clinical Case with Full Digital Protocol
  17. Dental Art Photography
  18. Student Case


More information on the contest, including registration fees, can be found at




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