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On Thursday and Friday,June 8/9th, the program of the 12th International Congress of the Italian Dental  Association will be enriched by a Digital Session Thursday morning (accredited with 10 ADA CERP CE credits).

Friday instead, the special Laser Session in the morning (accredited with 8 ADA CERP CE credits) and the joint session of the Italian Dental Association and the Italian Association of Gnathology and Facial Pain (AIGeDO) held in the afternoon.


Digital Session

Alessandro Perucchi, Swiss, specialist in Oral Surgery of the SSO-Swiss Dental Association will begin the session with his lecture on “Defining the future of implantology: an ocean of opportunities and changes” which will explore the advantages and disadvantages of the transition from analog to digital implantology.

Following, Uli Hauschild, from Germany and former vice president of the Digital Dentistry Society (DDS), will take on the digital workflow from the laboratory to the dentist. Next up, Piero Venezia, adjunct professor at the Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis course in Catania and author of the book “Aesthetics and Function in Total Prosthesis”, will talk about the use of digital technology in prosthetics.

Another important word renowed speaker follows on stage, Piero Venezia, Contract Professor in Catania, coordinator and lecturer in numerous masters, who will describe the digital work-flow that can be effectively applied to the construction of fixed and removable prostheses and will provide indications for the choice of the new prosthetic materials.

Before the break, Francesco Zingaro, adjunct professor of implantology at the University of Parma. and of prosthetics on zygomatic implants at the State University of Milan. His report on the virtual patient in digital dentistry opens new horizons in the digitization of treatments.

After the break, the great return of one of the greatest experts in digital esthetics, Paulo Kano from Brazil. Currently President of the SBOD-Sociedade Brasileira de Odontologia Digital, he will discuss his Clones method and how the main objective of the use of digital technology in esthetic restorations increases the predictability of the treatment by simulating the clinical case through an early visualization of the definitive restoration, even before the beginning of the treatment.


Next to the podium Dimitar Flitchev from Bulgaria, creator of the Sofia Dental Meeting and of the International Center of Sofia (with Nitzan Bichacho and Galip Gurel) will discuss the digital approach for guided prosthetics in esthetic treatments.

Luis Huanca, practice owner in Geneva and Neuchatel, Switzerland and author of over 40 publications in top international journals, will close the session with his lecture on “Orthodontics in 3D” where he will illustrate how set-ups, even the most difficult, are simplified through through the use of digital technologies.


In the afternoon, the brothers Andrea and Alessandro Agnini, founders of DDR Education and authors of the books “The digital revolution, the learning curve” and “The Digital Revolution 2.0” published by Quintessence in 2014 and in 2022 will once again return to Chia. Together they will discuss in their Hands-on “The Full Digital Connection” by explaining how the integration of digitalization into implantology, in every stage of the clinical workflow, can improve the patient experience by delivering quality and predictable dentistry. Clinical cases will be analyzed, highlighting operational differences and the contribution that digitalization can provide with the development of new materials and software. Participants of the Digital Session can access to the hands on at the price of 50 Euro writing to aiosardegna@aio.it.


Laser Session – Those interested in the all-round use of the laser in daily practice can broaden their knowledge beginning on Friday morning at 9:00am with Giovanni Olivi, president of the International Academy of Innovative Dentistry (IAID) and scientific coordinator of the 2nd level Master Course in “Laser Dentistry” at the ‘Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome, Italy. Olivi will present a lecture on “truths and lies” where he highlights the real advantages that different laser wavelengths can bring in daily practice.

The session continues with Angie Papas, from Australia, advanced instructor for the Laser Aesthetic & Health Academy (LA&HA) in Slovenia and founder of Dentistry by Women, a platform for women in dentistry that deals with the laser therapy of snoring. She discusses how Er:Yag, Nd:Yag and diodes produce a photothermal effect in the tissues of the oral mucosa leading to an improvement in the volume of the upper airways.

After the break, Claudia Cotca – professor at Victor Babes School in Timisoara, Romania and expert advisor to the American Dental Association Standards Committee on Dental Products (ADA-SCDP) talks about “Lasers and wavelengths”, explaining how lasers are selected based on the types of procedures to be performed.  The lecture will be online.

Kinga Grzech Lesniak, lecturer at Wroclaw Medical University in Poland and President of the Polish Society of Laser Dentistry, closes the session speaking on the effectiveness of laser therapy as an adjunct to conventional treatment for the decontamination of periodontal tissue and the cementum on root surfaces. During the session, it will be possible to participate in a hands-on session depending on the contribution of laser manufacturing companies.


TMJ Disorders – Friday afternoon, the AIO will host a first-time joint session with the Italian Association of Gnathology and Facial Pain (AIGeDO)which will be dedicated to advancement devices for use in temporo-mandibular disorders, bruxism and sleep apnea. These devices have been used for years to intercept and resolve reducible disc displacements, clenching and/or bruxism, muscle tension with or without oro-facial pain. In recent years they have also been used to intercept and reduce obstructive sleep apnea.  During the session different devices in the international literature such as the MORA by Gelb, the FARRAR by MCartty, the DITRA and the lingual ring RIPARA will be discussed. The session will explore the proposal of MAD’s wide use providing a basic knowledge of its technical, functional and therapeutic functions. The course will be presided by Alessandro Rampello, creator of the RIPARA device along with the president-elect of the AIGeDO, Enrico Massarotti, dental technician and technical consultant for the Civil Court of Rome and Gianfranco Albergo, former secretary of the WHO Collaboration Center in Rome, board member of the AIGeDO and author of 98 national and international scientific papers.


Both group and private airport transfers to and from the Chia Laguna Hotel Village and Resort can be booked at transfer@amors.it or by calling 0039 328 225 1564.


Written by: Ethel Trabucco

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