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labelUltime notizie todayApril 3, 2023

The teaching of Endodontics yesterday and today

Many procedures in modern endodontics have been simplified while searching for treatment excellence through the development of new protocols and materials. 10 ADA-CERP credits will be rewarded to participants of the Endodontic Session during the 12th AIO International Congress entitled "Focus on the Simplicity of Excellence” held from June 8-10 in Chia, [...]

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labelUltime notizie todayMarch 21, 2023

Excellence in lasers in dentistry and gnathology

On Friday,June 9th, the program of the 12th International Congress of the Italian Dental  Association will be enriched by the special Laser Session in the morning (accredited with 8 ADA CERP CE credits) and the joint session of the Italian Dental Association and the Italian Association of Gnathology and Facial [...]

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labelUltime notizie todayMarch 13, 2023

The plenary session continues on saturday focusing on esthetics with experts in conservative dentistry and periodontics

On Saturday, June 10th, lecturers in the Plenary Session will team up to discuss Esthetics. The Saturday Plenary Session terminates the Green Path in Conservative Dentistry Session and the Red Path in Periodontics and Prosthodontics awarding up to 20 ADA CERP credits. The Saturday Plenary Session begins at 8:30am with lectures from two [...]

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labelUltime notizie todayMarch 6, 2023

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Dental Treatment in the Plenary Session on Friday Afternoon June 9th

From June 8-10, 2023, the Italian Dental Association AIO will celebrate the 12th edition its International Congress, entitled, “The Simplicity of Excellence” focusing on a multidisciplinary approach to dental treatment leading to consistent long-term results for patients.  A series of color-coded “Paths” have been created, each dedicated to a different dental [...]

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labelUltime notizie todayFebruary 27, 2023

Masters in Periodontics and Prosthetics

The “Red Path” in the 12th AIO International Congress, from June 8-10 2023 in Chia, Sardegna, will be devoted to Periodontics and Prosthetics. Participants can earn up to 20 ADA CERP credits when linked to the plenary sessions held on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Things get underway at 9am on Friday June 9th with Massimo [...]

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