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The Teaching of Endodontics Yesterday and Today

todayJanuary 30, 2023 107

Many procedures in modern endodontics have been simplified while searching for treatment excellence through the development of new protocols and materials.

10 ADA-CERP credits will be rewarded to participants of the Endodontic Session during the 12th AIO International Congress entitled “Focus on the Simplicity of Excellence” held from June 8-10 in Chia, Sardegna Italy. 

With the contributions of four academic personalities, the session will take place on Thursday from 9 to 13.30 and continue into the afternoon.

The session starts with a lecture by Professor Arnaldo Castellucci, Professor of Micro Surgical Endodontics at the Federico II University of Naples and Associate of Endodontics at the University of Cagliari, on the teachings of Professor Herbert Schilder relating to the criteria for the predictability of results over time. The key question is how valid are the teachings from 40 years ago in the light of what we know now.

Next to the podium will be Prof. Elisabetta Cotti, from Cagliari, Head of the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics at the School of Dentistry at the University of Cagliari and newly elected president of the International Federation of Endodontics (IFEA). Prof. Cotti will discuss the treatment of the open apex, from traditional apexification techniques to regenerative-revitalizing endodontic procedures.

Following a break Professor Catherine Ricci, Past President of the French Society of Endodontics, will lecture on the diagnosis and treatment of large lesions. The morning session closes with an update on contemporary composites by Prof. Zrinka Tarle, Professor in Zagreb, author of over 200 publications and IADR President from 2013-2014.

In the afternoon, a theory and hands-on session will host two big names on an international level: Gianluca Plotino, Associate Editor of the Italian Journal of Endodontics and Nicola Marie Grande, peer reviewer for the most popular journals in the field. The hands-on session, entitled “how to integrate endodontic instruments to address any type of root canal anatomy” will analyze the different possible clinical scenarios and the procedures for managing root canals with varying complexities while ensuring predictable treatment.

Participants will learn the correct instruments and instrumentation to use to in differing clinical cases. It is suggested to bring disinfected natural teeth with the access cavity already opened and the canals negotiated with a size 10 stainless steel hand instrument. It is also recommended to wear loupes or magnifying lenses. 



In conjunction with the AIO International Congress the 2023 Doctors’ World Gala will be held, recognizing the 100 “Top Docs of 2023” in Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Optometry, Chiropractic and Medical Philosophy who will join the already 600 colleagues from over 120 countries already awarded this prestigious distinction. 

All this and much more by registering at www.congressaio.it/en 

For accommodations please visit https://congressaio.it/chia-laguna/

For North American travelers, information pertaining flights, hotel, lodging, as well as leisure activities, please reach out to christina@shtravelteam.com or by phone at +314 933 0428.
For all other international travelers, transfer@amors.it 

I PERCORSI ECM comprendono: Endodonzia 9 Crediti il Giovedi 8 Giugno, Percorso Verde – Style Italiano e Plenaria – Percorso Rosso – Sessione Perio-prosto – Plenaria, Percorso Blu (Ortodonzia e Plenaria) di venerdi 9 e sabato 10 Giugno, accreditati di 18 crediti ECM.

Written by: Ethel Trabucco

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