Paulo Kano

Kano Paulo


Paulo Kano

  • Master in Implantology, Faculty of Dentistry São Leopoldo Mandic
  • President of the SBOD (Sociedade Brasileira de Odontologia Digital / Brazilian Society of Digital Dentistry)
  • Visiting Professor: Postgraduate School – Department of Prosthodontics and Occlusion – Institute of Science and Technology of São José dos Campos, Paulista State University (ICT – UNESP), São Paulo, Brasil
  • Emeritus member of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (SBOE)
  • Collaborator of the book – Odontologia Restauradora (Restaurative Denstistry) – Fundamentals and Possibilities – Author Prof. Baratieri
  • Author of the book Challenging Nature
  • Director of the Paulo Kano Education Center and Private practice in São Paulo, Brazil since 1988 São Paulo – SP – Brasil


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