Giovanna Maino

Maino Giovanna


Giovanna Maino

Degree in Dentistry and dental prosthesis in 2003 at the University of Padua with a score of 110/110.

Specialization in Orthodontics in 2006 at the University of Ferrara with 110/110 cum laude.

He participated in refresher courses organized by the University of Ferrara in the years 2004-2005-2006. Two-year specialization course in two-dimensional technique, Dr. J. Bednar (Boston University) in 2005/2006.

Annual course of Pedodontics and Interceptive Orthodontics in the year 2007/2008, Prof. Caprioglio, Pavia.

Annual course of Conservative Dentistry in the year 2007/2008, Dr. Monari, Forlì.

Annual specialization course in interceptive orthodontics in the year 2009/2010, Dr. Rosa, Trento. He edited the V Italian edition of the book “The treatment of occlusion dysfunctions and temporomandibular disorders” (J.P. Okeson) in 2006.

Co-author of the following articles:

  • Mondo ortodontico, February 2004: 97- 106. MAPA: Precision method for programming the orthodontic implant site (B. G. Maino, G. Maino, P. Mura, E. Paoletto).
  • P.I.O., 2005: 70-81, Spider Screw: Skeletal Anchorage System (B. G. Maino, G. Maino, P. Mura).

He has been a freelancer since 2004 at the Maino studios in Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa.



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