Dr. Claudia C. Cotca

Cotca Claudia C.


Claudia C Cotca

Professor Claudia C Cotca, DDS, MPH, a 3 times graduate of University of Michigan, BSc Chemistry Degree & Cellular Molecular Biology ‘97,  MPH Toxicology & Environmental Health Sciences ‘00, and Doctor of Dental Surgery ‘04, is an internationally recognized lecturer, USA Delegate expert with American Dental Association -Standards Committee Dental Products ADA-SCDP, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation AAMI, American National Standards Institute ANSI, International Standardization Organization ISO, International Electrotechnical Commission IEC, United Nations, and Association of Federal and Drug Officials AFDO, in aesthetic oral systemic dentistry, therapeutics, biodigitization and toxicology. Dr. Claudia C Cotca is Founder and CEO of various ventures, among others Washington Institute For Dentistry & Laser Surgery, lasermicrosurgeryTM, smileperformanceTM and 360healthcareTM.  Dr. Claudia C Cotca practices and consults globally in private and public health, with track record in innovation of clinical protocols, medical devices, global laser technology clinical applications and healthcare commodity technology transfer.

Dr. Claudia C Cotca holds various Fellowships in USA and international honorary societies of the likes of International College of Dentists and International College of Prosthodontics, is Program Chair with IADR/ AADOCR and is Editor of various scientific subject matter journals including lasermicrosurgeryTM Journal and 360healthcareTM Journal.

Through close to 2 decades of extensive leaderships on various national and international boards and expert activities, Dr. Claudia C Cotca has merged as a unique expert profile healthcare analyst on USA model and global health sector intelligence, healthcare policy and expert witness before USA Congress and White House.  Dr. Claudia C Cotca is a researcher and collaborator with various international entities including Dental Research Center using Conventional and Alternative Technologies, Victor Babes School of Medicine and Pharmacy University of Timisoara, and holds the appointment of Professor at Liberty University, Graduate School of Health Sciences.



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