Molinari Camilla

Camilla Molinari

Graduated in dentistry in 2008 and postgraduated in Orthodontics in 2012 at Ferrara University.

Visiting Professor University of Padova on the subject of Global Esthetic Planning in Dentistry and Perioral since 2020.

Specialization courses in oral and perioral aesthetics, gaining a II level Master’s degree at the University of Parma.

She attended Dr Ferraris advanced courses in direct and indirect restorative.

She collaborated in the publication of texts and scientific articles with Ferrara and Bologna University.

She is an active member of SIED (Italian Society of Dental Aesthetics), POIESIS (Perioral and oral integrated esthetic sciences international society, AIDOR (Italian Academy of Orthodontics) , IAED (Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry).

She is a DSD member since 2015.

Invisalign Clinical Speaker since 2019.

Dental Monitoring KOL since 2020.

Tutor and Speaker at Ezio Costa Academy and Icamp College (Schools of Esthetic Medicine).

Co-Founder with Prof. Tommaso Mascetti of Re-Shape Educational – Global Vision in Esthetic Dentistry.

Lecturer at the International Master in Digital, aesthetic and restorative dentistry at the Tuscan Stomatological Institute.

Lecturer at II Level Master in Digital Dentistry University of Brescia.

12° Congresso Internazionale e 23° Meeting sardo dal titolo "Focus on the Simplicity of Excellence"

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