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Advances in Orthodontics is the theme of the Blue Path

todayMay 8, 2023 320

Attaining excellence with a multidisciplinary approach is the theme that highlights the Blue Path Orthodontic Session of the AIO/Italian Dental Association’s 12th International Congress that will be held in Chia, Sardinia from June 8-10, 2023. Those participating will have the opportunity to earn up to 20 ADA CERP Credits.

It all starts on Friday morning, June 9th, honoring the 50th anniversary of the Orthodontic School of Cagliari, Sardegna Italy and hosting an outstanding array of speakers brought together thanks to the exceptional work of Professor Enrico Spinas, the new Director of the School.

Massimo Ronchin, founder of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO), past president of the Italian Society of Orthodontics (SIDO) and former Chair of Orthodontics and Gnathology at the University of Padova, Italy will lecture on the beauty of the smile and face and review the different diagnostic approaches and treatment used during 30 years in which he taught at the Cagliari School (1986-2015).

Following, Raffaele Schiavoni, contract professor at the Dental Schools of the Universities of Perugia, Ferrara, Rome Sapienza and Rome Cattolica in Italy will take the podium to present his lecture entitled, “Orthodontics: A Question of Balance”, looking at the term “balance” with its double meaning.

Following a break it’s the turn of Giuliano Maino, contract professor at the Universities of Ferrara and Parma with a clinic in Vicenza, Italy and his daughter Giovanna, editor of the book “The treatment of occlusal dysfunctions and temporomandibular disorders” who will discuss”Orthodontics today: from tradition to evolution” exploring the link between knowledge of the biodynamic concepts that govern orthodontics, mastery of digitals tools and protocols along with the importance of attaining a correct diagnosis, especially in malocclusions with sagittal, transverse and vertical disharmonies.

The morning session will end with Marco Rosa, author of numerous scientific publications and winner of the World Federation of Orthodontists 2015 Award for Best Clinical Article, discussing the most recent changes in orthodontics and on the evidence based treatment of malocclusion patients.

The afternoon continues with Keynote Lectures. Roberto Barone and Carlo Clauser, who both practice surgery in Florence, Italy. After “orthodontics in concert with the other branches of dentistry” will be the topic with:  Cesare Luzi, contract professor from the Universities of Ferrara and Rome Cattolica, in Italy, who did his specialty training in Denmark and was the first President of the European Society of Orthodontic Specialists (Epsos) who, together with Arturo Imbelloni, a private practioner in Rome, will talk about Ortho-perio-prosthetic synergies in the management of compromised teeth. Following, Nicola Derton, adjunct professor in the Masters Program in Orthodontics at the University of Trieste, Italy will explore simplified Orthodontics with the use of mini-screws to obtain better functional and esthetic results. Fabio Giuntoli (UniTs) closes the day, but not the session, with his contribution on the treatment of transposed teeth.

On Saturday, June 10th, the orthodontic session, entitled, “Simplicity and Excellence: friends or enemies?” 

Today, those caring young patients must possess skills that embrace both Pediatric Dentistry as well as medical disciplines that relate to the growing patient, as well as knowledge of new technologies such as intra oral scanners, bioactive materials and techno polymers. Aligners, which can be combined with myofunctional devices, with interesting results will be also be looked at. Fabio Canova, Adjunct Professor at the University of Brescia, Italy will lecture on ortho-pedo protocols. Ute Schneider Moser, adjunct professor of the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Ferrara, Italy will explore excellence in the old and in the new school and what has really changed. Then, Simona Bussu, a private practitioner in Cagliari, Italy will discuss the skills necessary to achieve excellence in pediatric treatment.

Following a break, Camilla Molinari, Adjunct Professor at the University of Padova, Italy and expert in total esthetic planning in dentistry, will lecture on the use of orthodontics to simplify the multidisciplinary approach in smile beautification. The Blue Path will be closed by Renato Cocconi, internationally renowned speaker and newly elected President of the scientific committee of the Angle Society of Europe, lecturing on digital predictability in interdisciplinary treatment.

Speakers Orthodontic Session


Speakers Plenary Session

Speakers Orthodontic Session

The registration link for the AIO Dental Congress is congressaio.it/en
The current cost of participation will remain unchanged until the end of May.  


Written by: Ethel Trabucco

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