Additive Veneers: the safe and predictable procedure

15.00 - 18.30 | Program

Camillo D'Arcangelo, Hande Sar Sancakli

The course is aimed to all dentists that are interested of very simple, fast and predictable way to make estehetical restorations.

Adhesive Techniques have completely changed the clinical approach and procedures in dentistry. It is a matter of fact that adhesive materials and techniques have made it simple to reach amazing esthetic results using not invasive procedures.
Within the course It will be described step by step how to use no-prep or minimal invasive prep veneers and it will show the right indications for using different materials ( ceramic, LDS, composite etc.) in different clinical cases.
Moreover Step by step procedures about esthetic evaluation and treatment plan, choice of color, preparation, taking impression and cementation will be show with clinical cases pictures and videos.
This is an unique opportunity to learn the most modern procedures of esthetic rehabilitation from two international speakers well known all over the world.


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