Hardan Louis

Prof. Louis HardanFormer head of the restorative and esthetic department at Saint Joseph University Beirut-Lebanon, actually director of the master program.
He graduated dentistry in 1989 and continued his post-doctoral education at Saint Joseph University; he obtained a certificate for basic science in 1993, he completed his specialization in restorative and esthetic dentistry in 1995, and completed his PhD in oral biology and materials in 2009.
He was an active member of the Lebanese Dental Association (LDA) (2006-2009) and was assigned as a general secretary of the LDA in 2009.
At the present, he is a full professor at Saint Joseph University and owns a private practice in his home town Byblos.
He is an honorary and active international Styleitaliano member and the scientific director of this group.
He is the Country Chairperson for Lebanon of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD)
He is the inventor of Smile Lite MDP (Smile Line, Switzerland) a device to take high quality dental pictures with a mobile phone (Winner of the best of class technology award for 2017 in USA) and Posterior Misura (LM instrument) an instrument for direct posterior composites.
Prof. Hardan has many publications in international journals and has given several international lectures and courses on esthetic, restorative dentistry and mobile dental photography.

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