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Ioana DatcuDr. Ioana Datcu graduated in 2007 with honours from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy).

She has private dental practice in Ravenna (ID Dental Clinic), Emilia Romagna, where she dedicates into Fixed Prosthetic Dentistry, Periodontology and Implant Dentistry. She has also collaborated with other practice in Implant Surgery.

She is member of Digital Dentistry Society, Italian Academy of Osseointegration IAO, Italian Academy of Prosthetic dentistry AIOP, Leading Ladies in Dentistry LLD, Active member of DDR Education Program in collaboration with Dentalxp and NYU/ Dentistry University.


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“Immediate Implants loading in post-extractive sites in anterior maxilla single teeth: 1 year study of a series cases.” Zimmer Day Dental Italy Verona 2011 co-speaker with Dr. Alessandro Agnini.

She is author and co-author in Italian and international scientific publications: (Agnini A, Mastrorosa A, Datcu I, Chiesi M, “Immediate Implants loading in post-extractive sites in anterior maxilla single teeth: 1 year study of a series cases.” International Quintessence 2011; 26:11-21).

Datcu I. “Multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of a complex implant-prosthetic case: conventional surgery vs guided surgery: 1 year follow up.” Modern Dentistry Journal 2018.

Datcu I. “ Digital Planning and Guided Surgery using Mini Dental Implants.” PIP Magazine 2018.

She was also Clinical Tutor for Implant Surgery Training Course in Portugal. She did Implant Training Course in Italy, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Cina, Taiwan, Vietnam focused on Implant Planning, Surgical Procedures, Crestal Sinus Lift Approach, Guided Implant Surgery Procedure.
She’s main domains expertise are:

Minimally Invasive Implantology and Crestal Sinus Lift Approach,
Digital Dentistry& Digital Virtual Planning,
Digital Implant Planning & Implant Guided Surgery;
Digital Impression
Aesthetics Dentistry and Soft Tissue Management
Periodontal and Prosthetic Complex Rehabilitation

Over the years, she has attended various courses in her field, such as:
- One year course in Periodontal Surgery with Doctor Giovanni Zucchelli in 2013.
- Implant Surgery courses in New York with Doctor Dennis Tarnow and Doctor Stephen Chu.

– A 3 years course in Implant and Periodontal Dentistry with Doctor Alessandro Agnini. – One year course in TMJ Disorders with Doctor

Sandro Prati
- One year course in Orthodontic “Star-up Face”with Prof. Valerio Maccagnola

My Professional Philosophy:
My values guide my actions and my behavior. My work is my passion. It gives me energy and enthusiasm to keep me update in the latest techniques and guides me in a new digital era with a minimally invasive approach and a hight quality for my patients.

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