Sedation with nitrous oxide

15.00 - 19.00 | Sedation with nitrous oxide

Sedation with nitrous oxide, correctly administered to children or adults, provides an important aid in the management of the anxious patient.
This course is designed to prepare the general dentist to become familiar with the use of conscious sedation with nitrous oxide, in the context of the dental practice.
The didactic teaching and the practical part will provide participants with a step by step procedural approach, for controlling anxiety in the conscious patient.



Upon completion of this course the participant should:

  1. Know the history and characteristics of nitrous oxide sedation
  2. Know basic respiratory physiology, including inhalation and distribution of gases
  3. Know the states of anesthesia
  4. Learn about the pharmacology and physiology of nitrous oxide
  5. Know the indications, contraindications, and complications of inhalation analgesia
  6. Know the characteristics of the nitrous oxide delivery system
  7. Know a clinical protocol for the use of sedation with nitrous oxide.
  8. Know the potential of nitrous sedation to increase the visibility of the study



During the practical part, course participants will be explained how to:

  • check an inhalation sedation machine and the gas evacuation system
  • connect the inhalation system and select the appropriate nasal mask
  • adjust the sedation machine as needed
  • titrate the nitrous oxide concentration and recognize an adequate level of sedation
  • assess suitability for discharge and provide post-operative instructions
  • reflect on the quality of sedation


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