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Not only hands-on and combined theoretical – hands-on pre-congress courses but four distinct, color coded CE paths on the three days of the event. Not only world class lectures but an annexed Digital Dentistry Society Congress and much much more!
On the afternoon of Friday, June 10th, at the during the 11th International Congress of the AIO / Italian Dental Association, “Focus on the Gender Shift in Dentistry: A New Perspective or a Future Challenge?” from June 9-11 in Chia, Sardinia in Italy, hands-on courses will concurrently run parallel to the plenary session.

Even here gender equality will take center stage, as it will during this entire three-day congress, the first in the world where gender equality will be equally balanced between male and female speakers in every course and session!
At the center of this multidisciplinary hands-on training will be four opportunities to deepen one’s knowledge as well as manual and technological skills: one in surgery, two in digital workflow and one in conscious sedation.

The congress will also include four distinct color coded pathways: yellow in endodontics, blue in orthodontics and pedodontics, red in periodontics and green in conservative restorative dentistry, held in the plenary hall, with each offering both CE and ADA CERP credits to attendees.

From 3:00- 7:00 pm, in the conference room Sala Chia, the course “GBR Vertical and Horizontal Principle Techniques: Passivation of the Flaps as the Key to Success “ will be held.
This hands-on course will use pig jaws together with didactic videos to explain step by step the surgical and flap passivation technique to achieve predictable results in the regeneration of severely resorbed ridges. The course will be held by Silvio Meloni, associate professor at the University of Sassari and developer of the innovative Computer Guided Bone Regeneration method together with Milena Pisano, lecturer at the University of Cagliari. During the didactic part of the course, clinical cases will be shown and treatment planning will be discussed in detail.

From 3:00 to 5:00 pm, in the conference room Sala Spartivento 1, the Workshop “4 D Dentistry and the Fully Digital Workflow with Modjaw” will. Modjaw is a device that allows you to monitor and record the movement of the jaw in real time. Held by Federico Manes, a Modjaw digital consultant, the workshop will present a live demo of the “Modjaw Tech in Motion”. He will then demonstrate the operation of the sw and its functions and show how the Modjaw data is exported to the Exocad to design a splint in motion.

Also in the conference room, Sala Spartivento 1 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, the workshop “Digital Workflows using the xSNAP System” will take place exploring fully digital restorative protocols for veneers, single and multiple implants as well as for the restoration of natural dentition. The workshop will be conducted by Oliver Hill , founder of xDEPOT GmbH who will introduce the xDEPOT and xSNAP together with Dimitar Filtchev, an associate in Sofia, Bulgaria and founder of the Sofia Dental Meeting who will present “Live Cases from A to Z, Including xSNAP Technology” and with Manuel Fricke, Certified Dental Technician, head of development and support for xWERK GmbH, which deals with xSNAP 360 ° for 3D patient-specific articulation.

In the conference room Sala Spartivento 2 , from 3:00 – 7:00 pm, the hands on course in conscious sedation with nitrous oxide will be held by Giuseppe Marano, President Designate of the DI&RA Digital Implantology and Restorative Academy. Participants will be taught how to control an inhalation sedation machine and the gas evacuation system, how to connect the inhalation system and select the appropriate nasal mask, how to adjust the sedation machine as needed, how to titrate the nitrous oxide concentration and recognize an adequate level of sedation and how to assess suitability for discharge and reflect on the quality of sedation.

In the room, Sala Spartivento 3 from 3:00 – 7:00 pm another hands on course on Digital workflows, this time with SDI Matrix and his consultant from Israel Leonard Emdin. The Individual digital workflow in a functional diagnosis of the patient will be explored fully during all the afternoon pratically with all partecipants


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Come join us for a truly unforgettable experience, surrounded by an atmosphere of outstanding natural beauty and discover the sincere hospitality that Sardegna has to offer.


CE Credits and Certificates of Participation

Certificates of participation will be available online to all participants following the congress.

To those making request he AIO is proud to provide participants of the congress ADA CERP CE credit hours.


Official Language

The official language of the congress is English. Simultaneous translation into English will be provided for those lectures not in English.



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Flights should be balked in advance to the Cagliari Elmas Airport which is approximately 40 km from Chia. Booking support can be found at



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12° Congresso Internazionale e 23° Meeting sardo dal titolo "Focus on the Simplicity of Excellence"


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