Face Meeting

with Orthodontics Session (June 12, 2021 – Saturday)


14.30 - 16.30 | From Complete Diagnosis to Treatment planning : a digital journey.

Renato Cocconi

A complete diagnosis of our patient is the premise of a satisfactory orthodontic treatment, both for the patient and for the Orthodontist.
We need a coherent correlations between the problem list and the means that we will apply.
Starting with the end in mind will allow us to effectively reach our goals with the most efficient path.
Pre visualization and customization of the treatment can be effectively produced by digital technology applying a proper hierarchy of decisions.
This is mandatory especially in complex cases or in interdisciplinary cases.
The clinical know how needs to be organized in a logical strategy, a step by step algorithm.

16.30 - 18.30 | A Complete Diagnosis is the Key to Success

Domingo Martin

Although it is nothing new, we are now in a moment where the dominating culture has transferred its ideas to the orthodontic diagnostic process.Words like “just do it” …..”keep it simple sir” “you can make it happen” “Everything is design, everything”…is what has permeated the minds of many young orthodontists today. So with this in mind, they ask themselves: why spend time effort and money to diagnose?…we do not need to….it makes no sense.


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