Dental Laser Standard Level Course

Chia 3

MODERATORS: Claudia Cotca, Giovanni Olivi

9.00 - 18.00 | Diode Wavelength 445 - 470 - 810 - 940 - 980 nm

The standard level course in laser dentistry is a prerequisite for all dental practitioners, nurses and allied health practitioners to handling any kind of LASER devices. It provides a basic level of education in LASER usage and includes specific device instruction with demonstrated proficiency in didactic and hands-on knowledge. LASER safety is an important issue and all those who are involved in LASER dentistry must be equipped with the knowledge of the wavelengths, user settings, care and maintenance of the device.

The Standard Level Course is the basic level of education in dental laser usage, including specific laser proficiency and laboratory knowledge. Candidates for the Standard Level Course must demonstrate a basic understanding of all wavelengths via a multiple choice examination and an oral clinical simulation exam, with at least one wavelength. The course requires didactic scientific education and clinical cases review as well as additional hands-on simulation on animal jaw’s samples.


  • Outline of the Diode wavelength’s physics
  • Explain the Diode biologic laser tissue interaction
  • Demonstrate the clinical applications of Diode lasers in different dental fields
  • Utilize using Diode lasers more efficiently in clinical applications
  • Utilize the recommended standards in laser safety



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