Enrico Spinas

Enrico Spinas

Enrico Spinas

Curriculum Vitae

He Lives in Cagliari - Sardinia – Italy and He is 57 years old.

He graduated in Dentistry at the University of Cagliari in July 1985

Specializes in "Orthodontics" at the University of Cagliari in December 1991

"Coordinator" of the "Study Centre of Dental Facial Traumatology " at the Department of Dentistry University of Cagliari from April 1992 to June 2004

Adjunct Professor for the University of Cagliari since Year 1998/99 to 'Year 2001/2002 for the teachings of Paediatric Dentistry and Special Odontostomatology Surgery .

Confirmed Assistant Professor at the Department of Surgical Sciences' Degree in Dentistry and Prosthetic Dentistry (CLOPD) of the University of Cagliari from the Year 2004.

Professor of Prosthodontics I, II, III, for the "Degree in Dentistry and Dental Implants" (CLOPD) and Degree Course for Dental Hygienist (CLID)

Co-Founder and National President of SIDT (Italian Society of Dental Traumatology)
for the Years 2013-2015

National Advisor SIOI (Italian Society of Paediatric Dentistry)
for THE PERIOD 2007 -2008

Post graduated in Forensic Dentistry at the Florence University in the Year 2000.

Post graduated in Sports Dentistry at the University
Chieti-Pescara in academic Year 2007/2008

Coordinator and Professor of Postgraduate Course in
Sport Dentistry at the University of Chieti-Pescara in Year 2008/2009

National President of SIOS Italian Society of Sports Dentistry
In the two-year periods 2003/2005 and 2005/2007

Head of the Dental Urgency at plants Stewards
During the Olympic Winter Games Torino 2006

Active member of the 'Academy for Sports Dentistry since 1994

He is the author of books and over 145 scientific publications, is speaker at numerous National and International conferences on topics related to: Sports Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Forensic Dentistry, Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry, Dental Traumatology ,.

Coordinator of the Centre for Studies and Research Dentistry and Sport in the Department of Surgery and Dental Sciences of the University of Cagliari from the Year 2010 to date.