Giovanni Toxiri

Giovanni Toxiri

Giovanni Toxiri

Curriculum Vitae

Degree in Medicine and Surgery in the year 1982 at the University of Cagliari with a score of 110/110,

Specialization in Orthodontics in the year 1985 at the Same University (vote 70/70) ,

Extraordinary member of the S.I.D.O. since 1983.

Since 1982 he has been practicing exclusively Orthodontics with private activities in Nuoro and Cagliari offices.

Perfected at the University of Parma in "Pre and post-surgical orthodontics" in 1996.

Perfected at the Institute of Odontostomatology of the University of Palermo by attending the two-year advanced course in "Occlusion and Kinesiologic posture"

Expert in Straight-wire Technique (M.B.T. Technique) according to Dr. Bennet & Mc.Laughlin from 1990

Formed to Dental Medical Kinesiology according to Prof. G.M.Esposito since 1991.

Formed in neurokinesiology and vertebral manipulation by Prof. Renè Bourdiol (1994-1996).

Formed in clinical gnathology by Dr. Edoardo Bernkopf in the treatment of Mandibular Cranial dysfunction.

Speaker at national and international conferences in Orthodontics, Gnathology, and Orthopedics-Posture.

Implementer as Scientific Consultant for a Software (ORTOSTUDIO) that offers the possibility to perform in a simple and complete way: ORTHODONTIC CEPHALOMETRY, GUIDED ANALYSIS, SPACE ANALYSIS, OVJ AND OVB. Currently on the national market.

Author for a Book “ Manuale di Ortodonzia Ragionata “ in November 2017.